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Upeksha Wisidagama

I Only Need One Dollar

Today is the last day of this month (June, 2013). My account balance is ‘29.19’.

In order to withdraw money from, My account balance should be at least 30 USD.

I only need one dollar

I recently completed a project for Mr. Brant (Two WordPress Customizations). I agreed with him to be paid 30 USD for the completion of this project. But charged me a fee of 5 USD. ( service fee is fair compared to other service providers. But at this time the total went below 30 USD ).

WordPress Freelancer Cost

So I started bidding on projects, planing to earn the missing 1 USD. Today is the final day of the month. Still, I haven’t had a chance to win a project. I started to lower my bids. Then people started to ask me why my bid is so low (they can’t trust that the work could be that cheap). See the below conversation with one of my potential clients (Alias: MasterCook).

MasterCook: ok so 1. why you bid so low and how do i know your not wasting my time

Upeksha: I have been bidding for a couple of days without any work. I have $29 in my account and I need at least another $1 to withdraw money from

Upeksha: I have done various WordPress related projects. I am confident I can do the customizations you need.

MasterCook: you price is good but I am worried about cheap labour

Usually, charges 10% of the total project price (for a 30USD project that should be 3USD). At this time they charged 5 USD. The reason is the lowest project commission is 5 USD. However now I can’t withdraw funds to Skrill account without another dollar. I only need One Dollar.

Cannot withdraw less than 30 USD

Update 2013-07-01

I was able to receive the missing dollar. Read how I found a dollar.