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Upeksha Wisidagama

Insanely Faster Buffer Switching

Consider the following instance. You are debugging an app with Vim Vdebug. You have opened several other text buffers as well. Also note that we’ve a couple of tabs as well.

Insanely Faster Buffer Switching in Vim

Larger Preview

{ s-h | s-j | s-k | s-l }

Still using <C-W> commands to switch buffers? It’s probably time to practise a more efficient way.

I’ve put some text on my .vimrc which allows me to switch buffers 537ns before I think about switching buffers.
* ns = nano seconds = 1x10^(-9)s

I strongly encourage you to put these in your .vimrc and experience The Ultimate Speed of Buffer Switching.

‘Insanely Faster Buffer Switching - .vimrc’
nmap sh <C-W>h
nmap sj <C-W>j
nmap sk <C-W>k
nmap sl <C-W>l

Lightning Speed Tab Switching

I recommend the following settings for a faster and more intuitive tab swiching experience.

‘Lightning Fast Tab Switching - .vimrc’
nnoremap sn :tabp<cr>
nnoremap sm :tabn<cr>


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