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How I Earned a Dollar

I only needed one dollar. If you’ve missed that post, read it here.

However, I was fortunate enough to receive a dollar. In fact, I received 10 USD. Mr. Cstoudt released 10 previously milestoned dollars.

How I earned one dollar

An Unreleased Milestone

Do you remember once I completed a project for Mr. Cstoudt? (See: WordPress Toolbar Customization) Eventhough I completed that project successfully, there remained an unreleased and fogotten milestone. While I was thinking how to find the missing dollar yesterday, while I was browsing through my financial dashboard, I noticed this milestone. I contacted Mr. Cstoudt and asked him to release the milestone.

Requesting to release the milestone

I received this about 8:10 on 1st July, 2013. This is a new month. I was finding a dollar in the previous month. However I decided this payment should be counted as received in the previous month. I live in Sri Lanka (+5.30UTC). Client sent the payment from USA (-6.00UTC). For Mr. Cstoudt it was only 20:40 on 30th June, 2013. See the below illustration.

Sri Lanka USA Time Relationship

Finally, I collected the missing dollar

Just before the end of the month (somewhere +X.YYUTC), I was able to withdraw money from my account. Thanks Mr. Cstout (10 USD) and Mr. Brant (30 USD).

32 USD to Sri Lanka